Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yes, It's true

Yes, we are moving. It is bitter sweet..... Lineman is transferring with his job.

First of all, we will miss all of our wonderful friends here. I could go on about that but I'd rather not start crying all over the keyboard. Next thing you know the keyboard shorts out, sparks a little bit, starts a minor fire, I have to get the fire extinguisher and a major mess ensues. So, lets just say I will miss all of my wonderful friends and leave it at that.

We will also miss our home and the wonderful view I have always enjoyed from here. We will miss the school, the town. Oh, let me tell you what I am REALLY going to miss.... Sam's Club. How will I get by without it????!!!! HELP! And let me tell you what I won't miss. Ahhh, come on, you can guess it, can't you?? Try to guess at least. . .. .. .. the wind of course.

So, let me back up. I took the oldest kid out of school early on Tuesday and we drove to my mom's house near Billings. Wednesday I drove to pick up Lineman at a substation about an hour away. Thursday it was a low key Thanksgiving day, just our family and Gramma. The boys played some football, we played some Scrabble and ate a ton. Friday was buuuussssy. We woke up super early, and headed back to the substation to get Lineman's truck. Then we were off driving to see the town that we will soon call home.

This is a small town with not a lot of businesses as compared to Cheyenne. There is a grocery store so everyone start sending me your good and easy recipes now as there won't be much eating out. We drove by the school and the oldest boy was pretty excited to see they had swings as his school doesn't have any.

We met with a realtor and saw about all of their listings...... yeah, about all of them. One of our concerns is housing but we think we may have found a little acreage that we can build on. Another real concern is that if we build we will need to rent while we build and there aren't any rentals. So that may mean renting in another town.

So many questions at this point. Such a good reminder to have faith.

One thing is certain though and here are the positives! We will be closer to family, only 4 hours from my mom and 4 hours from Lineman's folks. Only 2 hours from one sister and an hour and a half from Lineman's fun and crazy uncles. That right there is a huge positive. The rest will all work itself out I am sure.

I have to tell you though that it feels really good to get this all out. I have been holding this all in. All of this knowledge of a possible move. All of the emotional stress it has put on me. If you didn't know, I'm pretty good at holding things in (at least I try anyhow). It has really been a rough road for me for some time and it feels good to just finally let it out, let you all know what is happening with us right now.

Thanks for listening.

We will return to regular broadcasting now.


Mimi/Susan said...

Good luck with your house hunting. Being closer to family will be wonderful. When you want to eat out just call up a family member and tell them you're coming over for dinner AND the night! :)

From TX to you said...

Whew! A lot of changes coming your way. I'm with Susan though that being closer to family will be a huge plus! I can say this as we're about 2400 miles from Grandparents so it's tough!:) Good luck with the move and I guess the bright side is that you can start looking at floor plans for your new house!:)

The J's said...

Sending lots of "good-luck" wishes your way in all of this! I can sympathize with your friends there in WY, but I have to say, YEA! for the internet/blogging, it doesn't matter where you are!

cheyest said...

We will miss you folks but we'll manage like we did when sister and brother-in-law left Cheyenne. We thought we wouldn't survive that but we did. It will be nice for you to be nearer family and no one can understand that better than we do. However, we will miss your bright smiling faces Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean Lineman will be home every night with you guys?

I know moving sure is scary, but if you can all be together it'll be worth it!

Anonymous said...

We'll sure miss you but being a grandma I can sure be happy for them that those cute little guys will be so much closer. I don't know what I'd do if my little girls were even 4 hours away! :) So I'm happy for you and your family but sad for those of us who will miss you here. Myrna

J K L M N O P said...

A big hug! Changes are never easy, but glad you'll be nearer family! Stayin' tuned and Best Wishes for the new adventure. (PS - my sis just moved from MT to WY and she feels stongly that MT has the better education - hope you find it to be true too!)

Anonymous said...

You'll have a lot of changes ahead. That's one nice thing about being blog friends, instead of real life friends like would be nice... I won't know the difference except for the scenery in your photos. :) Unless your new town doesn't have internet services!

Good luck with your move.

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Ahhhhhhhh! My heart goes out to you. Hopefully it will be better than you could have ever imagined. Remember..............all things are for a reason. I will keep you in my prayers and wishing you lot's of luck!

Anonymous said...

carrie, (and anyone else)-

No I will still not be home every night but I am taking a chance that by accepting this transfer the work tha ti will do will be a lot closer and will get me home early and often. Thanks again for all your well wishes-


Kristen said...

Sending my good luck wishes with all the others. I know about "bitter sweet" moves! It will be great for you to be closer to family. I'm sure you'll keep us up to date - and I know you feel better not having to keep the "secret" in any more!

Anonymous said...

One things sure home will be where the heart is whether Wyomings beautiful mountain valley or Montana`s prarie town Carin makes a house a home wherever she seems to wind up she just seems to adapt. So we know she`ll do well here too cbinu

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are leaving Cheyenne. Know you will miss it. We sure miss all the Friends there, but am glad we moved to a smaller town. Must admit that I miss Sam's too! Even Walmart now and then. :) Imagine that!

Good luck on the move and selling the place. Even finding a place to rent. A long process sometimes. Wish you all the best.

Nate and Ralna

Bren said...

Why am I feeling all verklempt as I read this and all the comments? I know it is a bittersweet time for you guys... leaving behind the awesome place you called home, the good friends, the shopping, etc. etc.,... but God is sending you on a new adventure, and I know that because you trust Him, that all will work out for GOOD!! Plus, I am sooo thrilled to know you will be practically in my neighborhood again!!! Keep us posted on how things progress!!!! God bless you guys!!!!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Whoa, I have so much to catch up on!!! Forgive me for not being around... I have been in hospitals for the last 2 weeks but I'm slowly trying to piece things to gether here!
It sounds sorta exciting but also seems like you are going to have your hands full, that's for sure!!!