Friday, December 19, 2008

Would you just get here already!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. Would you just get here already!

My mom? No, not my mom. Though she is driving to my house as I write this. She is coming down for Christmas. She had a bad start with weather up in Montana but she is now in front of the front that is moving down.

Lineman? No, but he will be flying in very soon. And we are soooooo excited for his arrival. However, that's not what this post is about.

Would you just get here already!!!!!!!!!!

Got ya stumped?

The storm! I wish it was here already! Why, you ask? Well maybe you didn't ask but this is my blog and I can pretend that you were about to ask me.

Another cold front is blowing in. The key word in that last sentence: BLOWING. The wind is just horrible again today. I took the trash out and nearly got blown down. In fact the wind is so bad and horribly loud I hear it coming through the baby monitor there above. I have no idea how Little Man is still sleeping in his room.

As soon as the storm arrives it will be cold and snowy. However, once it arrives that means that the wind will finally die down. So give me the snow. Give me the cold. Just turn off the wind.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it last night when it was snowing it was coming straight down. It was actually very pretty.

We are suppose to have a snow storm come in Saturday night and all day Sunday. I'm ready for it!

We had planned to go to my Gma's 3 hours east of us, but with the roads still slick and the storm coming in we are cancelling that trip.

Kristen said... I don't guess you want to hear from me that it is in the upper 60's here today and will be in the 70's tomorrow? ;) But we will be getting our cold front on Sunday - down to the 40's. Hope you get your cold front in soon...and your Mom and Lineman make it home safe and sound. Get a fire going in the fireplace (I'm assuming you have one??), turn on some christmas music, drink some hot chocolate, eat puppy chow, and snuggle up with eachother in your fuzziest pj's/ socks. Sounds like a great plan to me!!

Anonymous said...

It is here and it is cold up here in ND-Glad to hear G-ma made it in ok'

we'll see you in a couple of days-


J K L M N O P said...

Hope the wind soon stops! I'm with you there! And a lot of our snow is already melted - down in town it almost gone! Glad your mom is there or will be there soon! Take care and enjoy!