Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Static Electricity & Wind

I was playing with the Little Man yesterday morning. I had a blanket over his head and was playing peek-a-boo with him. He was loving it. That's when I noticed something more than his laughter and giggles. Something more than his smile.
And that is some serious static electricity! He was having so much fun.

Okay, Okay, I know his hair is a little long, what can you do? It will see scissors one of these days.

On another note our oldest boy was in tears today. As was I.... almost. Lineman had the two older boys outside having them help with moving things around, just getting ready for the move, etc. Well they noticed the oldest boy was not with them. The looked inside, checked the bathroom, looked in the garage. NOTHING. No where to be seen. After ten minutes we still couldn't find him. I put on a coat and headed out to help look for him. I was VERY scared about where he could be. It just didn't make any sense. He had just disappeared.

Finally Lineman found him and walked him back to the house. The boy was about half a mile away. He had been chasing a piece of paper that was being carried away by the wind. The wind kept taking the paper and he kept chasing it. He was in tears as he was trying to get the paper. When he got back to the house his face was all covered with red spots from crying so hard.

Sitting at the table minutes later and enjoying some freshly made vanilla pudding he says to us "I love the wind. I think everyone should love the wind." Yeah, we all love it son, we all love it.


J K L M N O P said...

Cute cute pictures of the little one!! Love those carhartt's! Our boys loved them too and they are always so cute!! Cute, cute story of the oldest one (loving the wind)! Glad he wasn't in any danger - but oh, boy does it ever scare you!!

Anonymous said...

I love the hair. And the story about Bridger...what a fine young fellow. Linda

Kristen said...

You've got some awesome sons! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair! And I can only imagine the panic you were feeling when you couldn't find Bridger...I've lost Jacob for a grand total of 10 seconds and there's a panic that wells up inside that no one but a mother can understand. Glad everything worked out OK - I'm sure the vanilla pudding helped make things all better. ;)

Brenda said...

Bode's hair looks like mine does after I take my coat off at work! :) Cute pics I must say! Poor Bridger.... but what a funny story about what he said about the wind. Kids bounce back quickly, don't they??

Anonymous said...

What grand photos of Bode's hair! It is hard to believe it is not the same little fella ringed with curls after a warm bath.
And poor, poor Bridger. The story is sooooo him. I think he finds beauty and good in everything....
including the WIND!! m-b