Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to spend an afternoon

Lineman enjoys taking a Sunday afternoon nap once in awhile. When a boy will join him that's even better. It took only minor convincing for the middle boy to cuddle with Lineman. It didn't take long and they were both zonked out. I love how Lineman threw his hat over our boy, probably makes him feel just like his daddy.
I loaded up the Little Man with some Tylenol and he is finally napping. Last night was just horrible with him.

Our oldest boy is a reader so that's what he's doing. Awfully convenient he is reading my new book. Lineman asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I wanted a Baby Blues comic book. Of course after peace, love, an end of war and all the family time we could squeeze in. After that I wanted Baby Blues.

How lucky was I that I got two Baby Blues books. Woooo Hooooo lots of reading for me! My mom was laughing at me the other day. We were both in a recliner reading while the Little Man was napping. I was reading Baby Blues while she was reading a 12,158 page book that she had to bring in on a dolly. Well, it's a big book, let's just say that. She was trying to read but I guess I was making it a little hard on her. I would read and then bust out laughing. More silence followed by more laughter. More silence and yet more laughter. Then I would have to read the comic strip aloud so she would know why I was laughing so hard. Boy it's going to take her a long time to get through her book if she keeps reading next to me!


Anonymous said...

I love Baby Blues. My favorite is the clip where the mom and the little girl are "weeding" the flower garden. The whole garden is weeds but the little girl picks the one flower and asks if it's a weed. Just cracks me up.

I love the pictures of your big tough Lineman! Reminds me of TNT and when he snuggles up with Trixie and Tails. Makes your heart go ohhhhh!!!

The J's said...

Baby blues are great, huh! I like the one where mom's in the kitchen trying to fix a meal with baby pulling on her leg so she asks daughter to watch baby, who asks brother, who asks dad, who in turn brings back baby to kitchen to mom so he can do what he's trying to do!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to get a Baby Blues book...sounds like a good thing to have around when you need a laugh.

Anonymous said...

We read Baby Blues every day but had no idea there was books out there You`re at the perfect place in life to see the greatest humor in it. I get the biggest kick out of His nose what a honker it is!! love you cbinu

J K L M N O P said...

Aren't hands on dad's just the best!! Such a fun picture of them together! And I bet they've really been missing their dad - so all the more special!

Our youngest runs for my side of the bed every night - so he and dad can read together -- Usually there's another one or two of them there too!! I always have to kick them out!! :)

Kristen said...

What a sweet post. Yeah, Daddy time is special time for sure.

I LOVE Baby Blues. I received my first book as a gift when Jacob was born. It was the first book published (This Is Going To Be Tougher Than We Thought) so it was all about bringing home your first baby and the "fun" times. There's one pic where Wanda losses her cool due to hormones and she turns into this monster in a matter of 2 seconds. Yep, that was me a few times and when I would realize what was happening with me all I could think of was that picture then I'd start laughing and crying all at the same time. I can look back now and laugh about a few things that I absolutely went crazy over. Some of the "post baby" stuff is not fun at the time, but it sure is sweet memories later. (You wanted a loooong comment didn't you?) ;)

Glad you got to have a few minutes to your self for a little R&R.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

What a precious photo of Lineman and the boy!! Absolutely precious.
A beautiful post indeed!!

Brenda said...

I had never seen Baby Blues before... guess I will have to look for it! :) Love the picture of Lineman and Colter napping!