Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shoot Me!

What a fun ride the last year has been of being in the picture. Was it easy at first? No. Did it get easier? At times. Did I always look perfect? No. Did that even matter? No! ……. Was it worth it????


Our families will appreciate that we have made this effort. It’s time we stop always being behind the camera and time to be IN the pictures! Congrats to those that are just wrapping up their 52 week challenge. Congrats to those that are in the middle of their year or just starting out. Congrats to those that are realizing just how important it is we get in the picture!!

So we are all in various stages of this journey and I know many of you have said how you want to continue it. I also know that at times it can be hard to get the kids or hubby in the picture, or maybe the kids are grown, or maybe you don’t even have kids yet. “Shoot Me” is for everyone! I just want to see YOU in the picture! With your child, with your dog, with your parent, with your spouse, with your friend or by yourself. Just get in that picture! We will continue to see you every Thursday!

Use whichever button is relevant to you. Finish up your “52 Weeks” and then begin “Shoot Me”. I haven’t decided whether to just title posts" “Shoot Me” or “Shoot Me: 1 of 52” and number the year again. I’d love your input on this one!

Forever In Blue Jeans

December 267

Please take the poll over on the side below my buttons, I'd love your input! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

First, I love the picture-

Second, congrats on finishing up the first 52 weeks-

Third, Thanks for starting another because I look forward to the next week on here-

Fourth-- number it because we all have a tendency to think we have done more than we really have and by numbering it you all will know where you are at!!


PS-Carrie, this blog was made for you and your "kids"!!! :)

Alicia said...

Carin...I love the new button!!!!!!

I won't be doing the 52 week this week, but will continue it next week!!

Great picture of you and the kids again!!!

Have a Happy New Year!

☼¨`*•.♥Rocío♥.•*¨`☼ said...

Carin this is great that you are doing it again!! This time I can start from the beginning Yeey!!!
I love the new button!!!
and that picture is great, it shows what a FUN MOM you are!
Well Girl I send you muchos {{{HUGS}}} and Have a Happy New Year!!!
yeah and I will see you Next Year!!

Bonnie said...

Hi - I am starting the 52 in 52 project next week and am really excited about it. I wasn't sure if you would be doing it again this year, but I linked to your blog originally. I'm happy to link each week with my photo! Thanks for starting this - it's a really great project and one that my family could benefit from.

Phebie said...

Oh my! I am so excited for the new meme for 2010...

I just have to end this last entry for this year for the 52 weeks challenge!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

Darcie said...

Carin I can't tell you how excited I am! Sometimes it has been a struggle to get something for certain weeks, but I have always got something. I also thought how cool it would be to just get a book made of the 52 week challenge for my kids later on in just think if I do it again next year what I will have for them. SUPER EXCITED!!! Oh...and as always lovin' your picture girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh Carin where do I even start on this? First, Lineman I had lol when I read your comment. Second, I love the idea of the Shoot Me with the numbers! Third, I love this picture of you and the boys. Fourth, how can 2009 be over with already? Fifth, have a wonderful New Years!

Kim said...

Yeah! I have been anxiously waiting to see what you'd come up with it is great!

Great picture of you and boys too!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

What a great new title for the challenge. I am going to try really hard to do this in the new year because I have definitely noticed how few pictures I am in.

Kristin said...

I love the new title and idea! I will be continuing....I am only on 19 of 52! (bad blogger, I know :) ) Great picture this week - it's nice to capture fun time with Mommy in a photo!

Peterson Family said...

What a great idea. I tend to hide behind my camera...a lot. I am now a follower...I came over from Mami Picture!

Happy New Year!

jen@odbt said...

I'm glad you're continuing the challenge. This is one of my favorites and am glad that my family will have evidence that I was there too.

Are you all playing on DSs? That looks like my house this week. Happy New Year!

alexandra s.m. said...

Sorry, I forgot to THANK you for this new challenge!
You truly are an inspiration!
May 2010 be good and sweet to you and your loved ones!

Carol said...


Thanks for your great idea on both "52 Weeks" and "Shoot Me". My question is this: I'm in week 19 and wonder if I should just jump to doing your new one. Any recommendations?

Great photo of you and the boys. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Darcie said...

Carin...what a fun surprise to see a comment from Lineman today! I love how proud he is of you and I too can't thank you enough for this challenge. I am all aboard for next year.

Hey and maybe...someday...we all will meet. I am holding onto that, and if we do...don't forget the camera!

Sharon said...

I have truly enjoyed seeing all of your Photos.
I like the shoot me idea.
Have a blessed new year.

He & Me + 3 said...

yeah! I am so glad that you are continuing some kind of picture thing. It has been fun. I am almost finished.
Love this picture. YOu are so involved with your boys.

Clair said...

I'm 25 minutes away from 2010, so Happy New Year!

I def think you should keep numbering it...I love seeing how far I've come (even If I get a bit confused, I've renumbered, thanks!)

I love the picture, and the one of your baby boyh learning to skate. right I'm going to get Minnie skating this year.... stop inspiring me with these challenges, it's exhausting

Erin said...

I'm joining in husband will be gone for almost a year and he'd like to see me in some of the pictures I'll be taking!

Kim said...

I'm so glad you're continuing these! I'm on 6 of 52 :)

Do you have the code for the mcklinky? I can't figure out how to get that!! (I do post the 52 weeks button on each post)

Happy New Year! See you on Thursday!

TAMMY said...

Can't wait to participate in the new year! I have been on vacation so I won't be starting until next week. Love the new "Shoot Me" theme!

Ginny said...

I just found this & love the idea. I'm glad to see it looks like you are continuing it into this year. I will be playing along or trying my hardest to at least :) I know my kids will enjoy it!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh I love this idea...although I am only going to be at 38/52 this Thrusday! I will finish out my year and then jump on over to Shoot Me! Great pics of you and the boys...looks all to familiar with their DSs!