Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whew.... Time for a breather

After days and days of preparing for the fair, everything is now in the judges hands. I submitted these 22 photos. I was surprised to see hundreds and hundreds of photos already there by the time I got mine to the fair. Not sure how many total entries there were. We are heading in Monday to check out the results. *here is me.... crossing my fingers*

Even if I don't get any ribbons I sure enjoyed the whole process. From taking the pictures, figuring out which ones to use, wishing I could Photoshop them (NO Photoshop allowed except for cropping and BW), printing them out, matting and or framing them, handing them over at the fair..... and nervously waiting.


Wrena said...

It will be good news! They all look fantastic! Anxiously waiting beside you is me!

Anonymous said...

They look great Carin- I really, really, really like the clouds with the sun rays. (LOL)
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could see a close up of all your photos! They look super. Here's hoping!!! MOM

Anonymous said...


The county fair I entered my pictures in only has three categories; original color, b&W and retouched.

I just posted the three I entered and how I finished on my blog!

Bren said...

I love the sunset picture.... absolutely gorgeous! ALL of them were great!! They're all blue ribbons in my book!