Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Stopping Him

He has been going like crazy lately. We went over to our neighbors house and my boy got to ride in the neighbors "Pit of Doom". He did really great and only came off twice. The first time he hit a big 'ol root that was dislodged. The root was about the size of my kid so the root won. The second time he came off was when he hit a divot the size of a VW Bug. I have to say that he didn't even hint at the possibility of crying. Not once. But when we got home he was walking he tripped and got the teeniest, tiniest, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little cut on his finger (you needed a magnifying glass to see it)..... that is when he cried.


Wrena said...

Your picture looks great that size! The owie thing is cute!

Coffee Bean said...

How cute! How boy like! I remember one day when my son was around 11... rough and tumble all boy... playing football and just getting creamed in practice sometimes... sitting at the table crying because he hated writing cursive and said the pencil hurt his finger.

thecottonwife said...

Oh MAN! The "Pit of Doom". I wanna ride in the Pit of Doom! It sounds like a blast!