Thursday, August 7, 2008


What's that saying? Don't wear white after Labor Day? I have no idea, your asking the wrong person here.

I have my own saying. A saying fit for boys. A saying fit for country boys. A saying fit for messy boys.


That's it. End of story.

My oldest has had a few white shirts in the past. They NEVER stay that way and yet I still occasionally buy them a white shirt. What am I thinking????

My middle boy had a white shirt on a few days ago. A new white shirt. At the end of the day that once beautiful, crisp, clean, wonderfully white shirt was nowhere to be seen. It now was full of dirt, mud, juice, grease from his motorcycle and a fair amount of blood that I still can't figure out from what. Even Martha Stuart would have shied away from shear fear. Not me. After a gallon of spray and wash and 10 hours in the washing machine... the shirt emerged. Amazingly with only one small stain on it remaining.

I know why that last stain was so stubborn. Not because it was blood or grease. Not because my efforts were not enough. It remained for one reason. To remind me NEVER again to buy white for any boy of mine!


Wrena said...

I love your thoughts! I love white! But your still right!

Sharon said...

I always wondered why they had white uniform pants also. I think it was to see who could (at the end of the season) still have the whitest pants.
My girlfriend years ago had 4 boys and they always looked crisp and clean in white pants. So I decided that it must not be all bad I bought my 3 sons white pants and they wore then to the County bar-b-q days. What was I thinking. I never saw them white pants again ever. Boy did I learn a valuable lesson.LOL