Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Scary Fun

This was on the last day that we went to CFD. The boys had always wanted their faces painted so I finally gave in. Can you guess what they are?

He had such a blast with this! He said he wants to do it every year. Notice he is wearing his PBR hat? Yeah he likes to do that to me. Remind me he was the one that went to PBR, not me. Did I tell you he was a VIP at the PBR. That's right, he was a VIP at the PBR at CFD.........

Next up: what could he be?

He would not quite looking at himself in the mirror she is holding. No expressions. Just looking. Do you know why dinosaurs are now extinct? It because of this: 100 degree heat and a kid that spills his drink all over himself. Well maybe that's not why dinosaurs really are extinct but it had a lot to do with the one on his face.
Look at that look! My oldest boy really gets into things. There were other looks but I didn't want to scare you too bad.


Wrena said...

to cute!

carrielt said...

A few years ago my sister and I went to a PBR event in Kansas City. OHMYGOSH! It was so awesome. We were 20 rows up at center arena. Greg Crabtree (R.I.P.) was thrown over a fence by Reindeer Dippin. Scared the crap out of us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your note on mine! We were in Edgemont for the mutton bustin ones and in Wheatland the other pictures. The kids had a lot of fun! I loved your pictures, the cute painted faces and the photography you entered did fantastic! If you haven't left for the Black Hills...stop're coming RIGHT BY!! :) LW

Larsens in Wyoming said...

I'm glad you got pictures since the paint won't last long on their faces! The painter is amazing, they both looked great!

Tash said...

so cool. Usually face painters are just not talented.
These face paintings are awesome. Your boys are very handsome too!!
P.S. I love your slide show and the transition.