Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Talk

There comes a time in the lives of a father and a son that they must have "The Talk". It is an important, lesson sharing event that must take place for both the father and the son to grow. I imagine that every father feels a sense of responsibility to make sure the son understands the importance and severity of "The Talk". Of course, the son usually is doing all that is humanly possible to not roll his eyes. Just sitting there patiently waiting for his father to finish "The Talk".
Here is the beginning of "The Talk". Oh, by the way, this is motorcycle related. Not sure what you thought I was getting at but it is definitely motorcycle related. Do you see that screw that Lineman is holding in his hand? It is the most important little piece of metal to me. It represents some form of forced restraint. That little, itty bitty screw is now going to be the source of all my gray hairs. You see, I like it when the screw is IN the bike, not out of the bike. That little screw is a throttle limiter. It is there to manually limit how much throttle a kid can give his bike, therefore limiting how fast he can go. Lineman just.... gulp.... took it out of our ornery, daredevil, thrill seeking, speedster punks bike. Gulp, that means he can make the bike go as fast as it is capable. Which is pretty quick really.
Thankfully they are having "The Talk" though. A heart to heart to make sure our speed demon little child understands what this means. This is tough for me. He has been riding since he was three years old and he is four now, has a great sense, good balance, and has been riding several times a week. Still, I worry about him.
So does his older brother. Lineman gives them both "The Talk" once more. My oldest boy is very level headed, unlike his brother. I'm glad he'll be showing him the way on this one. Here they go. Can I take it? What will happen? Will he go slow? Will he go fast? Will he ride just like he did five minutes ago? I can't take it! I can't take it!
Oh no. Here comes a grey hair.


Wrena said...




BUT WE ALL HAVE TO FACE CERTAIN DECISIONS cute pix thanks for sharing. Have a gr8 day!

ann said...

oh, yeah. The grey hair. It gets worse - the bigger the boys the bigger the toys.

Kristen said...

ohhh...I am so NOT looking forward to certain things that just come along with having "older" children! My knees would have been shaking. Awesome pictures though. ;)

ethel said...

riding since he was 3, eh? i have 4 kids..3 of them boys and i had 3 of which got me interested in motor cross bikes..i'd kind of like to make it a family you have a bike? where do you go?...looks like you have plenty of your own space to ride around on..looks fun!

Carl said...

As any man will understand, "YES!" I am just glad my Mother isn't really into motorbikes, since if she knew about throttle limiters she would probably want one installed on my 'little' ride.

Now for the Mom, I am SURE he will remain highly responsible and respectful of the horsepower available to him.

Congrats on the gray hair, they are badges of accomplishment obtained by forcing the envelope and living on the edge...I like to think I am not solely responsible for all my Mother's gray hairs, but realistically...

Carin said...

Hi Ethel, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the whole family each has their own bike, except for the baby of course. Hubby got me a bike two years ago and I love it. Although now I pretty much stick to the 4-wheeler so I can have the little man ride with me.

We mostly ride here on our property and on the roads. Ocasionally we head to the track or up to the mountains.

thecottonwife said...

I think we're getting the girls a go-cart for Christmas and that doesn't even require balance. You ARE a brave mama. And good for you for not being one of those "helicopter parents"! Let 'em live a little!

Anonymous said...


I think my wife looks pretty good with the frazzled grey hairs! Me and the boys are giving her a workout! I do everthing a responsible parent should do, I never race...(unless they challenge me), I never do burnouts...(unless I'm challenged), I never go without a helmet....well ok maybe I take it a little far?!?!?! But it is so much fun to race these guys! This is the only time in my life I will probably ever be able to beat them so let me have my fun!

Don't worry mom--it's all good!

The J's said...

As a fellow mother with 3 boys, all I can say is I wish my older two would have learned when they were that age. My youngest has, & it seems alot easier than seeing them start out as teens & all the testosterone that's going on then!!

Tash said...

little studs so cute