Thursday, July 31, 2008

Your Blog is Lame

And by that I don't actually mean YOUR blog is lame. You see, after a conversation with my Lineman, he informed me "Your blog is lame". My husband. My soul mate. My best friend. He tells me my blog is lame.

"I check it every day and there is hardly anything new since you went on vacation" he says.

My soul mate. My best friend. Best friends are great though. They tell the truth. All the time.

So he is RIGHT. I know my blog has been lame. I tell you this summer thing is rough on a mom of three boys. Between my 2 week vacation in Montana. Then coming back right at Cheyenne Frontier Days we have been swamped. We don't do a whole lot during the year so we are packing in a ton of stuff now.

Now I have really done it to myself. As if I didn't have enough going on I entered some photography at the fair. Some photography. Who am I kidding. I entered all but 3 of the classes. I entered in a total of 22 classes. Yikes, way to jump in my first year. I have been so busy getting prepared for this.

The good news is that they are due on Saturday. So even if I do or don't have them all submitted at least things will finally slow down a little.

That is until we go to the Black Hills. No rest for a mom!


Anonymous said...

Hey Top Dog Lineman, You need to cut the Mrs. some slack as I check her blog regularly and enjoy it each time!!! :-) I would say that you owe her a night on the town, with a sitter for the kids, for giving her a bad time!! :-) Good luck with your photos, Carin. Linda

Kristen said...

I'm with Linda - I enjoy your blog each time I check it! ;) And I REALLY agree with the night out on the town idea - but you know we'll expect to see pics of the big event. ;) Any Mom needs a night "out on the town" every now and then to keep her sanity, and that "spark". (Now, if only I could take my own advice!!)

Wrena said...

O - No! I can't help but laugh at R. he just does that to me almost every time he speaks. But reguardless - your fair will pay off, ribbons or gift money - it'll be yours and you earned it, baby!
Be sure to post what you enterd so we can comment on them too. Pictures with the ribbons! Thats anticipated! GOOD LUCK WITH IT ALL!!!

Black Hills that will be exciting!

R. how bout you up date the blog while Miss Carin - is busy? We'd love to see what your idea of a interesting blog or awsome blog would be. Tell us all about your poll climbing too. You could go on and on we would'nt mind!

Anonymous said...

Too broke for a night out on the town after Mrs barnett went and blew my wad vacationing without me.
Too busy working and making cash to figure out how to blog; you wouldn't like it anyhow.
Spark???? Sitter???? What on earth for? I got clothes that need washed, I'm hungry and I am sure the kiddos have been trying to tear down the house. Broken Motorcycles, unfinished garage, fences needing fixed I swear, By the time she gets all those things done she'll want to take a nap! (right after she brings me my iced tea)

What... you thought I was kidding??

thecottonwife said...

You are so NOT lame!!

My husband is my harshest critic (well, at least my most vocal) too.

Anonymous said...

We can tell just how busy you are because there aren't any photos to go with today's entry...darn it. We'll be waiting to see photos of all those blue ribbons from the fair!! Mom

ann said...

I spent a day driving - alone - yesterday, and spent a good bit of time pondering the lameness of my own blog and how to either unlame it or stop. But you have all those awesome whirling dancing pictures on there and that's WAY cool.

Carl said...

Every blogger needs a sabbatical, even if it means a lame blog for awhile. When my blog went lame everyone thought I had met a 'special someone' who was capitalizing on my time...Now it just hangs on the wall and looks classy. Which I guess is what diplomas are supposed to do; now my blog is just wordy which is probably worse... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Boy Russ, you almost had me feeling sorry for you but I soon got over it!! I'm still on Carin's side as I do enjoy her blog! :-) I am looking forward to the day when you give us a post of what you might find interesting on a blog!! Carin, your pictures from the Indian village were so fun and COLORFUL. Linda

Carin said...

I am really glad some of you are picking on hubby, HE NEEDS IT! KEEP IT UP! PLEASE!!

Karen said...

Not so lame, I say! I love your pictures and you have very cute little cowboys. I found you on the Cotton Wife's blog and have enjoyed skimming through your life. I will be back to see more.

Bren said...

Did this MT trip include a trip to Sidney, hmmmm??? If so, you are in deep doo-doo little Missy!!! (taps her foot, purses her lips, puts hands in armpits, etc....)