Monday, July 7, 2008

Showdown at the Shower

Is it a boy thing? What is it about boys? My oldest was going to the doctor this last week to have his big toe looked at. I told him I would be taking a shower and then he could go after me. He came to me when it was his turn to shower and we had this conversation.

Boy: Mom, I was in the bathroom and I washed my hands really good.
Me: You need to take a shower.
Boy: I even washed all the way up to my elbows.
Me: You need to take a shower.
Boy: I washed my face, too.
Me: You need to take a shower.
Boy: I even scrubbed my neck.
Me: You need to take a shower.
Boy: But mom....
Me: What body part is the doctor going to look at?
Boy: --points to foot--

Boy: I could go scrub my feet.

Me: Your going to the doctor, you need to take a shower.
Boy: But I took a shower on Tuesday.
Me: You need to take a shower.
Boy: Mom (insert pitiful look on the face here)
Me: --- silence---

He heads for the shower. Almost 20 minutes later he is still in the shower.

So I can't get him in it and then I can't get him out of it. Oh the life with boys!


Anonymous said...

How funny!!! Linda

Coffee Bean said...

Love your new banner!!! Your pictures are absolutely fabulous! You obviously know what you are doing! WOW! I LOVE the one of the littlest one in front of the power pole. Well, I actually love all your pictures. Oh my gosh! Little boys are so much fun and SO MUCH WORK! I only have one son... and he's kept me running from the beginning. The shower thing... too true! Oh... you so made me miss those earlier years!

Wrena said...

Great Post! It happen here too! WINK

Juri said...

I could not help but come to your blog...just the name intrigued me! Sometimes I feel like jeans are my uniform!! I was so glad I did come to your blog, too, as I have enjoyed your stories and your pictures! Thanks for sharing!


farm boys said...

Same way my boys are: too busy to get in and having too much fun while they are in.

parose said...

The life of a mother! How I remember those days! You're so fortunate to have such a great way to record these precious moments. I'm trying to scrap book my kids childhoods years after the events. It's a challenge! Patty

Wrena said...

What kind of vacation are you on!? Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back of course.

carrielt said...

I gave you award on my blog. Come on over to see it. I love your blog and your boys are so darn CUTE!

ann said...

Right now, I know this is hard to believe, but there will come a day when they take MANY showers - in fact, I have one son who has had 3 today, I think. Or more.