Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Grand Parade

More pictures from the Grand Parade. There are hundreds of entries in the parade. Probably about 752,681 horses! Okay, not that many but there are a TON of horses. Old cars and tractors, the list goes on.

I really liked this picture of a grandfather and grandson. I didn't get the John Deere in the picture because I was so intrigued by this pair.

One of the original buses for Yellowstone. I would love for someone to share any memories or information they have about these old buses. Please share!

I snapped this picture of the fire engine at the last minute because I was busy waving to all the people I know on it. I wasn't going to include it except Carl commented on a horse drawn fire engine. No, it's not horse drawn but it does also steer from the back. I would love comments on this one as well.

Hey, this looks like us when we moved here! (The one above, not below - come on people!)
This float always has a lot of fun. They are totally soaked by the end of the parade route.

Altogether now... "Boooooo Booooooo"

Oh, no! He's getting away, that scoundrel. Run! Catch him. "Boooooooooo"



Anonymous said...

The ladder truck is beyond cool! I have seen it several times before and love the way it steers from the front and the back. A lot of our heavy haulers have trailers that steer that way.
Dad remembers riding on those yellow busses up to yellowstone a long time ago. Dad got any bus stories?

The J's said...

Those are great!! The ladder truck, the car... must have been a really fun parade to watch!

Carl said...

That is one awesome ladder truck! I have always wanted to be the 'tiller' operator (driver in back) and slice & dice through traffic. Pretty sure I won't get that chance around GFs, but maybe someday.

ann said...

seriously fun!

thecottonwife said...

I love these pics!! Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH for the great photos and floats....BOOOOO for the villan.
MT Mary

~Momster said...

Looks like fun! :) Just wanted to say hello, as I happened upon your blog from PW.

Anonymous said...

My sister was up there for the rodeo and concerts. I think this was her 3rd year and she comes home with better stories each time! :)

kasey said...