Monday, July 28, 2008

Thunderbirds and Powerlines

Of course while Cheyenne Frontier Days was going on we HAD to go see the Thunderbirds. Last year we went right to the viewing area. Now that is an exciting, loud time, let me tell you. This year I wanted to see them but not so up close because of little man. What kind of mother would I be if his little ear drums blew out when the Thunderbirds do their sneaky flyby? He can go to concerts when he's bigger and blow his own ear drums out.

To back up a little bit, in the morning we went to the Pancake Breakfast. We didn't get there very early because the oldest son was at PBR (Professional Bull Riding) with a friend until 11:30 the night before. Hold on... let me mourn the fact that my son has more fun than I do...... ....... sniff ........ sniff, sniff...... I wanted to go to PBR........ sniff....

Okay, I'm back here!

We went to the Pancake Breakfast and waited in about 2 miles of line. Actually, I'm not really kidding on this one. It is a long line, but it does move fast. And it's worth it. And I love pancakes. And watching 'em throw pancakes is a kick. And I love pancakes. But wait! This is a Thunderbird and Powerline post - stay focused, Carin!

PBR, Pancake Breakfast.... hurry, we're gonna miss the Thunderbirds. I told the kids to cram those pancakes in their mouths and we took off for a viewing area. We went to a top of a hill in town. A top of a hill that was covered in powerlines. UGH.
Look, there's the Thunderbirds. Look, there's the powerlines.

"Hey, Mom.... those pictures aren't going to be any good with all those powerlines in the way".

Ah, man. A close fly by and the powerlines are in the way. What is with these powerlines anyway? Good grief, they're everywhere. Someone should really do something about these powerlines. It's an atrocity! It's appalling. It's unacceptable. Oh, what's that you say? What about those powerlines? They're my husbands? Lineman? DOE? You mean they go right to the substation? To the substation where his truck is parked this very minute? The very powerlines that pay our bills? That feed and clothe our children? That keep little man in diapers? Oh. You don't say. Well..... who needs diapers anyway?

Look Ma, no powerlines!

See ya next year, Thunderbirds. We'll be in the viewing area for sure. We'll just let little man blow his eardrums out cuz were never letting him out of the house to see a concert anyway!


Wrena said...

We did miss an amazing weekend!

Carl said...

Ahhh, the memories of the days when I wouldn't be caught dead missing an airshow! Great pictures and the power lines look awesome too... :P

Anonymous said...

What happened to the pic from last year where it looked like they were doing our line patrol??

Cool shots! (the thundrbirds weren't to bad either!) hehe


Kristen said...

ahhh...what fun! We used to watch the Blue Angels airshow over Jacksonville (FL) beach every year...along with the Naval amphibious vehicles (?) that would come ashore from HUGE ships. Talk about an awesome sight! I sure would hate to experience that if it was a real war!!

Glad those power lines keep your family fed and hineys covered! My Dad works at an electric power plant and I sure am thankful that everyone relys on the electricity that gets produced as that's what kept our family fed...and helps keep the grand kids in "cool" clothes that Mom and Dad couldn't afford to pay for themselves. ;)