Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Their Heartbeat

This was the first year we took the time to go to the Indian Village at CFD. It was really enjoyable and if you get to CFD you should take the time to go see it. A tribal elder woman described the dances and the costumes as each new dance came to perform. She said the song is the heartbeat and without the heartbeat there is no dance.
This one is one of the Fancy Dancers. He intrigued me the most. I think it is not only the colors but the fact that his eyes are covered as well.
I loved watching the younger children perform. They start as soon as they can walk.

Three of the Fancy Dancers waiting to perform.

This woman was so impressive: elegant and athletic all at once. She was invited from the Black Hills to perform with this group here at CFD. The CFD committee wanted a Hoop Dancer and they were lucky enough to get her to perform.

This was so amazing to watch. She danced to the heartbeat (their drum) and all the while was changing the position of the hoops. Now, I am an athletic coordinated person, but I'm sure I would have fallen over, dropped the hoops and made a complete fool of myself from the very beginning. It was obvious she was proud of her people, her dance, her culture. She gave the dance everything she had.

She was really spinning and moving too. I finally slowed the shutter speed down to give you an idea of motion. It was really a great time to watch them and listen to their music.


Anonymous said...

The colors are amazing! The hoop dancer is incredible. I loved all of your photos. Count me in for next year!! MOM

Anonymous said...

we have a guy at work that brought his family in and danced in the warehouse. The whole office stopped to come and watch; you're right, they are pretty amazing. What's even more amazing is the lengths the dancers go to in order to get to the many different competitions. Randy, (guy from work), described how much time it took to make the costumes as well. I don't remember all the details but I know some of the costumes are a lifetime work.


Kristen said...

wow - what awesome colors and costumes...I know that was a sight to see

farm boys said...

Hey Russ, you can see your sister at this blog at a baby shower. http://lebraaten.blogspot.com/ Great pics you captured. Aren't the dancers amazing? I had a boy in my classroom one time who was just such an amazing dancer. He put me in awe watching him as a 4th grader. He could hardly read; yet he could DANCE!!!!

The J's said...

That looks really spectacular!!

momma_arch said...

amazing pictures. The colors are beautiful.