Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild Weather!

Today is a calm day after two consecutive days of wild weather. Thursday and Friday there were numerous tornadoes that touched down in this area. The closest one was about 3-5 miles north of us. This picture below is one that is in our newspaper.
Click here to read more about the tornadoes.


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for this weather to be over! A much nicer day today! We spent a little time in our basement the other night when one was spotted a ways from here! Thanks for all your posts- i need to do better at commenting! Keep them coming! Jill

CountryCuties1994 said...

Glad to see you weathered the storm! We were downstairs, too, (working on Em's room.. check our blog) so tried to ignore the storm! Em kept saying she could feel the whole house shaking! I'm with Jill, ready for a little less wild weather.