Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Love Birds

Yes, I do. I especially love to sit and watch them feed at the feeders. We don't get a lot of company as far as birds are concerned but I treasure the ones we do get.

Last week we had a Western Kingbird stop by briefly. Then there were the large flocks of Bluebirds that only made us a pit stop on their way to all our relatives in Montana. The House Finches have been frequenting our feeders for about two weeks now. My second favorite feeder visitor came just yesterday, the Goldfinch. I just love their color. We usually get about 5 pair so I am ready for the others to get here. But my favorite feeder visitor that we get is the tiny Hummingbird. Don't let their size fool you, hang out when they are feeding and they can make you plum nervous with all their zooming around. I always think one is going to fly into me with that long beak of theirs. I go to bed and night and have nightmares of those things! But I just keep feeding them, oh, and I feed them on window feeders. You can stand right next to them and even watch that microscopic tongues lap up the nectar, it really is a sight.

So, our Hummers won't be here for several weeks due to our elevation but I am anxiously awaiting them. I found this neat video on YouTube I wanted to share. Now, we get about 4 pair here and they make me nervous so imagine yourself standing next to these feeders!

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Anonymous said...

Wow wee....what a way to start the day! I loved the video, Carin. I sure hope I can attract some hummers here on a regular basis. Mom