Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tower of Power

Aren't kids just the best helpers? They love to pitch in and lend a hand. Of course they don't always do things exactly the way we would, do they?

Case in point: My middle punk said he wanted to put the tiolet paper away for me. You know that gigantic package from Sam's Club? He was using the package as some sort of wrestling competition. Pinning it to the ground, throwing it against the wall, showing it who was the boss. I thought the sooner it got put away the better.

I went to feed the Little Man his bottle and my middle punk went right to his work. May be I should have been concerned about his enthusiasm for this chore.

Why put it under the sink? Building a "Tower of Power" is much more fun!


Anonymous said...

That middle punk of yours takes after his papa! "Construction" must be their middle name! Mom

Mazz said...

That is awesome! I think he may be on his way to be an architect!
-Cousin Bryan

PS Thanks for catching up with us online

Wrena said...

Good Job C.!! How many rolls high are you?

Supposed to storm here starting today. I guess tis the season. Lets hope for no fires yet!

jen martin said...

Oh, thanks for the laugh! I've lurked around your blog for awhile now, but I'm not sure that I've ever left a comment! We've briefly met before, but not long enough that I'm sure you'd remember me! :) Anyway, thanks for all of your funny stories! I love checking in on your updates! :)