Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am a Wimp

There, I said it. I am a wimp.

The garage made it through the night just fine. This morning winds were calm but they picked up VERY strongly by about 9:00 a.m.. I got Bode to take a nap so I could go out and tell hubby he was crazy for working in this weather. It is in the 20's, light snow, and sustained wind speeds of 40 with gusts that I don't want to know their speed.

I ended up helping him get two rows of plywood on the lowest part of the roof. I have never been so scared. Actually, I have. This whole project has kept me in a perpetual state of fear because of the wind. Like I said, I am a wimp. The walls on the north wall are moving in and out. The wind wants to rip those sheets of plywood right out of your hands. But hubby said he wanted those two rows on to stiffen it up, so I was all for that, scared or not.

I was running around like a madwoman trying to gather nails, nail gun, plywood and throw them in the lift. I was in such a hurry that I jumped up to get into the lift and whacked myself on a metal bar on the lift. I nailed myself right on the bridge of the nose. I never even winced, just kept right on a workin'. Oh, who am I kidding. I curled myself up into those big strong arms, tucked my head into a warm Carhart coat, and whimpered while he held me. I was oblivious to the wind for a minute or so while we stood there. But then hubby said he had done the same thing yesterday, he hit the top of his head on that same bar. The bad thing is that I hit cartilage. There is now a big divot on the bridge of my nose. I can feel it and it still aches. The top of my teeth ache and I have a headache. My teeth will stop hurting. My headache will go away. But does anyone know..... will that bump fill back in or am I doomed to have a visible memory of building this garage forever?


Wrena said...

Carin - Glad you got a warm hug out of the whole deal! That did something for my heart to read! Sorry I laughed about your very last comment! I think you will be normal in a week or two.

By the way good new that the structure is unharmed!!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you have titled this one "Three Accidents, Three Days"?

Time heals most wounds.


Anonymous said...

I don't know but when I hit my head on the bar I was so mad I almost took the torch to it!!!! Good thing it was a rental or that bar would have been seriously "modified"!!!! Felt sorry for her, that hurts like the dickens!!!

Anonymous said...

Once a mama...always a mama. I wish I could kiss your booboo and make it all better. So glad Russ could take the sting away for you. Mom