Saturday, May 17, 2008

There's No Stopping Him

Here is my middle punk. Are you asking why in the world does he have all of his motocross gear on for just a bike? It's pretty simple really. He refuses to stop going. The only time he stops going is when he is asleep in his bed. I couldn't even say he quits going when his head hits the pillow, because he doesn't. He'll sneek in a book and get out his flashlight. Or talk to all of his 78 animals in bed with him. Anything to avoid actually having to go to sleep. This would be painful for him, to realize that he isn't going anymore. But at some point exhaustion from the day finally closes his eyes. Oh, but don't think it's over there either. Almost every night I can hear him YELL out in his dreams. Usually having an argument with his older brother or calling for me. But you go in and check on him and he is sound asleep.

Oh, where was I? Going..... Hmmm, going, oh yes, he never stops going, that's why he still has his motorcycle gear on. He has really taken to his motorcycle, in fact it could become an issue but we'll talk about that another time. So, I had been watching him ride and I wanted to work on my own bike. I told him to come park his so I could go get some parts for mine and I would be right back. Off I went and came back with my parts about 4 minutes later. He absolutely could not stand the thought of actually waiting he hopped on his bike and made a few laps. As soon as he saw me return he was all over me. Mom, can I ride now? Mom, can I go now? Please, Mom? Oh, he pulls out the please.... this is serious. So, I helped him get his motorcycle going and he was off, never once looking back.

Oh, and a side note: Green Grass Alert here!


Anonymous said...

Good thing there is a "regulator" on his motorcyle, or who knows just how fast this rascal would go!! Gramma

Wrena said...

Great story!