Friday, May 16, 2008


Party Time? Popular Tot? May-be, but it is actually Physical Therapy time.

Bode has been in P.T. now for a couple of months. He had a ball today - no pun intended. His crooked neck has pretty much been corrected and we have been working on other things as well. He is now 5 1/2 months and could really care less about the whole rolling over thing. I have heard that rolling over is really over rated anyhow. There are bigger and better things to be doing, right? Like riding a motorcycle. Woah there cowboy, not so fast! You just try staying on this ball for now. If we start learning new things maybe we will start with washing the clothes, cleaning your room. Awwww, just forget it, let's just go cuddle some more.


Wrena said...

What a lil pumpkin! Glad to hear things are looking better and hope it will help him feel better if that ever gave him any pain.
Doesn't hurt to have dreams!

The Peterson's said...

This is Melody, Caleb's other Grandma!! I love your web site and all of your photos of your boys and pets!! I know that Caleb is going to love spending time with all of you this next week. We will miss him, but I'm glad to know he is with such wonderful people.