Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We'll Keep Him

It was about three and a half years ago when we drove to town in search of a dog that would be part of our family. Our boys at that time were 1 and 4, just the perfect age for a dog. We went to the shelter and walked down each isle. And there he was, Koda. Just our kind of dog, an Australian Shepherd but most important he had the eyes. You have to look deep into the eyes to know if they are right for your family. We brought him home that day and he was only one year old. We would soon discover the patience that he possessed. It wasn't long and our youngest punk crawled right up on him and laid right on top. Then he proceeded to grab and handful of hair and PULL. Koda winced a little, looked back at this kid piled on top of him and just laid his head on the ground. That was all it took, we knew it was meant to be. If Koda could handle what this little punk could dish out we new he could make it with the family.

Yesterday proved again why we'll keep him. Not that we would get rid of him anyway, but he does things unnatural to a dog that just amaze me. I was walking past the sliding glass door as I caught him looking at something. I stopped to see what it was. There, not 30 feet away from him was a small herd of antelope. He did not chase them nor did he bark. We had taught him early on not to chase them but always figured nature would not allow him to sit back. But here he was, sitting on the deck enjoying the view of wildlife passing through. Good grief, I think most grown men would have even grabbed for their rifle.

So yes, Koda is going to be with our family for a long time. But then again he doesn't realize we have added yet another boy to the mix here. He could be in packing his bags now!


Wrena said...

Amazing pooch!!! We would love see your views of wild life. We SO MISS the nature/country!!! Wild life in the city has a whole different meaning, that we will never miss if and when we ever get to get out of this place!!

Anonymous said...

Boys and their poochie dogs...not a better combo...and you have a winning combination. Mom