Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Face Off!

We had our Parent vs. Mite game this weekend.  It was more fun than I’ve had in years!  Hockey boys Here are my three guys.  This was pre game when we were all warming up.  The kids were swarming around us like a bunch of angry wasps.  Parents were the away team in white jerseys and the Mites were the home team in the black jerseys.

Hockey boys 4Here comes my oldest up the boards, he has the orange stick right behind the ref.  Look back to the right, there is Lineman in the white jersey,  he’s not about to let  his oldest boys make it up to the net.

Hockey boys 5

Whoa!  Looks like Lineman really stepped it up there, trying to catch up to his son.  (sorry the pics aren’t the best, I took these from the bench with my helmet and cage on, I couldn’t see the view finder, it’s amazing I even have these pics).

Hockey boys 3   A Ha!!!  Lineman caught up to his son!  I’m laughing at the father in the red jersey, he’s got a big ol’ grin on his face watching these two. 

Hockey boys 6 Did #50 break loose?  Is he going to get a shot on goal?  He got a shot on goal that was deflected by our goalie.

After three periods of play we ended up at a 8-8 tie.  The refs decided that we would have a shoot out to determine the winner.   The dads on the parents team decided we should use all moms for the shootout.  I went first and my shot was blocked by the goalie.  Up next was my oldest son, Bridger.  He came down and was looking good and his shot was blocked by our goalie was well.  When the shoot out was finished the game ended with the Mites winning 10-9.  What a game!

We  followed it up with a potluck, visiting, and talk about the USA Canada game that was going on at the same time.  I guess thinking back to it I feel a little bit like USA.  Uhhh, Ok, maybe not.

Mites vs Parents

Hockey family 2 I was going to save pictures of me until Thursday, but here is one of me and Lineman after the game.

And get this!  We have enough women interested that next season we will have a team for the women!  I seriously could not be more excited! 


Anonymous said...

That was honestly the most fun I have had in years!! It was so awesome to see how far these little guys have come in the span of one short season!! SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN VIDEO GAMES!!!!

Thumbs up for for a re-match!!


The Cotton Wife said...

So cute! I love the photos!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so great Carin. IT looks like a blast. I cannot wait for my kids to play against their parents in some sports. Fun that you will be on your very own team too.

Sharon said...

I would say that lineman don't look to happy in the photo. His he mad that the mites beat him??LOL
great photo and what a good way to have family time.
thanks for sharing

Neisha said...

how fun! we don't to ice skate much (I know, we should). the kids are still learning. I need to relearn along side them

carrielt said...

I'm sure guys had a blast!! But my question is...were you able to get out of bed the next morning? lol

Cy said...

:-( so sad I couldn't make it
:-) so happy you had an awesome time


West Side of Straight said...

That looks like a lot of fun, and exercise! Great photos.

jen@odbt said...

How cool and how cool you'll be on the ice next season! The dads better start practicing more :)

Darcie said...

It's official...the cool parent award goes to "Carin and Lineman"! You guys take getting involved with your kids to the next level.

Great to see you all having a blast together.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..how fun!!!!!!

Wow, and I'm so not surprised that you will be on the womens team!

You go girl!!

tberry29 said...

oh wow..that looks like so much fun! Its always nice to see parents getting involved with there kiddos..Looks like ya'll were pretty tuckered out..I know ya'll had a blast though ; )

Alison said...

These are great pictures! So glad you didn't wait till Thursday to post this picture of you!

marebear said...

How much fun is this! So happy to see the gang on the ice going at it. What till Bode joins in.

McCrakensx4 said...

That is awesome! Great fun for sure!

Kim said...

What a fun time! I hope the women's team thing works out for you!!!