Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ahhhh!!! Hold On!

We went to our friends ranch this weekend.  While we were there they hooked up the pony and cart. After a quick lesson, Lineman and the boys jumped in the cart.  Now mind you, she hasn’t been driven all winter.  Yeah, not the greatest scenario….  But Lineman drove her like a pro.  Shipp 033

One circle around and they are all smiles.

Shipp 034

Ha, hold on there my Wild Child!

Shipp 035 

They got caught up on the well for the tree.  I’m thinking it was a good thing too.  A little bump though and they were over it.

Shipp 036 

Then she started picking up a little bit!!!

Shipp 037 

The went up the road and turned around…. unscathed.

Shipp 038

I was laughing so hard.  And thanking my lucky stars the cart was full!  That said…. I was next to give it a try.  Hmmmm, wonder what happened on my turn?  Keep ya waiting till the next post.


Alicia said...

Oh, how FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear about yours, Carin!

Anonymous said...

HA-HA-HA!!! What a gret time!


He & Me + 3 said...

That does look so fun. Love their faces. I will be back tomorrow to see you give it a try.

Sharon said...

That sure did look like fun.
Lineman handled it like a pro.
Now I can't wait to see your turn.
Those smiles on the boys are priceless.

The J's said...

Love it! looks like so much fun. My dad used to have one of those when I was young.

jen@odbt said...

The picture of them from behind squished into the cart made me smile. I'm glad the cart didn't fall over too.

Neisha said...


chili pepper said...

Who had more fun, Papa or those boys? It makes me think of the king Jehu and his wild chariot rides. yehaw!

Kim said...

What fun! I think I owuld be laughing to they look like they are having a grea time.