Friday, July 3, 2009

The Chronicles of Buck ~ Part Four

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There were so many wonderful qualities to Buck, one thing that will stand out was his love of sticks and balls.  Pretty much at any given moment you would find him either with a stick in his mouth, a stick sitting right next to him, rolling a stick with his nose, chewing a stick down to nothing, or waiting for someone to throw a stick.

 Buck with Stick 2

A 2X4 would work fine but I don’t think it was always his first choice.  This is a classic Buck picture here.  Sitting right outside the door with his stick just inside.  Hoping that someone would come along ready to play and the stick.

Buck with Stick 3 

He would play, play, play with those sticks, wear himself out (only briefly), go lay down in the creek, lay the stick in the creek next to him, get up, grab the stick from the water and go lay down for a second, hoping someone would come and play with him. 

He never went very long without having someone throw him a stick.  He was a Bed & Breakfast Dog.  New people everyday!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  He could literally go for hours and hours chasing and playing and chewing sticks. Buck with Stick 4

On the occasions that another dog (this was our dog, Clem) was around he would have to defend his sticks.  Honestly though, I don’t think he was amused one bit by this sort of play.  This was NOT his style.  All he wanted was to have his stick back and go on his merry way.  He was a lover, not a fighter I guess you could say. 

Buck with Stick

This right here is true, true Buck.  He would go out into the pasture or forest and come back with the best prizes!  He would bring sticks, and really we could say LOGS back to the yard to play with.  If there was no one to throw then he always made his own fun.  He would growl at the stick then run his nose just under it to scoot it along the ground.  It would move ahead a foot to 20 feet, then he would grab it with his teeth again, growl, bite it, and then start pushing it all over again.  It was the craziest thing to watch.

Buck with Stick 5

Buck always made us smile when he would show up with these sticks.  It never failed.  He would be bringing the stick from the pasture and wanting to take it near the house.  The problem he faced was fencing.  He would frequently get sticks that were longer than the span between fence posts.  That would mean the stick would be hitting both fence posts and he couldn’t get in.  He was so incredibly smart though.  One or two knocks on a post and he would ease one end in, turn slightly and he was through.

 Nothing would stop him when it came to sticks. 


…….. to be continued….

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