Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You win some you lose some

Do you remember this post about Cheyenne's library? We went back there a day or so before we moved to get one last chance at this incredible library. They have the coolest chairs everywhere!

Little man liked this little table and chairs. The chairs were so tiny, I have no doubt Goldilocks would have broken one had she tried it out.

This was a double sided game board. Hey kid! Don't point that in your eye!

There ya go, much better. The light would stay on that board for a few seconds and then would slowly disappear.

This obviously is a set up picture. I have never learned how to play chess and so these youngin's wouldn't have a clue. I did see and grandfather and granddaughter playing a game. It was the most precious thing to watch. She was a little spit fire too. Not about to let gramps win.

Another fun seating arrangement. You can flip this one around several different ways.
I didn't get photos of it but my oldest liked to play with the movie maker. You take pictures of plastic dinosaurs, etc. then take pictures frame by frame. Then it puts all the individual pictures together to make a little movie. The kids really enjoy this one. Okay, so do I.

This is in the teen area. Two larger teens are suppose to be sitting and rocking in it. Small boys just don't fill it out too well.

These are just two of the meeting areas in the teen section. Wouldn't that be so cool to be in there. Hey, what would happen if you wore rose colored glasses in there?

This is Invent a Game. The kids can layout their own game and search for different items in the library. It's all magnetic and the little circles say things such as "if you can find the Choose Your Own Adventure Books move ahead 2". I loved those books growing up. My brother and I read those over and over again!

I'm going to miss that library. The story times alone were just incredible. I talked to another mother while at the playground the other day. I asked about the library in this town we moved to. She said it was a really great library with a fun story time for the kids. Then she said they didn't have story time in the winter.... on account of they don't have a heater in there.


You win some, you lose some!


Anonymous said...

That has to be the awesome-est (yeah, I know that's not a word) kid's library I've ever seen. And we haven't even got around to the books yet.

We left behind a great library, too, and it was hard for our kids to get excited about the local one.

Time will show you other awesome things about your new area. We'll look forward to sharing in them.

He And Me + 3 said...

I do remember you posting about that cool. It looks like more fun than Chuck E. Cheese's. Sorry that the new library won't be as exciting, but atleast you will have story time for part of the year:) What a bummer.

Shasta said...

I loved the last pictures of it and these ones are even cooler! Such an awesome library! Every town should have one JUST like that! Ours is pretty simple, it has a small kids section, with a little computer and a curtain for a puppet show with puppets and a small table for coloring or looking at books. But um, at least it's heated!!

JenT said...

That has got to be the coolest library I've seen. Bummer that your new one won't be the same.

Kate said...

Hey Carin,
What a neat library. I am going to plan to take the boys there sometime. We live a ways out, but it looks like it might be worth the drive. :)

Anonymous said...

I regret not having spent more time in there but just never had much time to spare. The few times that I did go in there I was duly impressed.

Seems like such a great investment for the future generations, not to mention what you can gain from it yourself.


Robyn said...

That is the coolest library I have ever seen! I love all the pictures, that little man of yours is so cute I just wanna kiss those cheeks.....LOL

The J's said...

wow, I can't believe it! Never seen a library like that!!

Anonymous said...

Would it be bad if I went play at the library without taking any kids with me. :) I want to go to Aliens vs Monsters but I don't know any kids to take. Can I use your's?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place!


Anonymous said...

I say join the local "Friends of the Library" group. And if they don't have one....get one going! Just look at all the great ideas you can share. The first purchase for the "Friends" has to be a heater. Winter is THE best time to read!

Sharon said...

What great photos taken in a great looking place.
I am sure the new one even tho it might be simple will grow on you.
God bless.