Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High Phlegmancy Words

No, that's not a typo up there. High phlegmancy words.

I have been working with my middle child on these. Well at least that's what he calls them. High phlegmancy words. Or would it be flemancy words. We're not talking about the repsiratory system or mucus or even coughing anything up. Ewww gross. I remember my older brother doing that on purpose when he was a teenager though. Ewwwww gross.

Good grief, where is this post going? How many readers have I lost? Oh, do come back, I'll get to the point.

You know, high phlegmancy words. Words like the, and, a, is, in, it, you, if, it and so on. You know, the most commonly used words in the English language.

Well, we all call them high frequency words! Apparently I need to spend an increased amount of time with him on pronunciation as well!

*on a side note, my oldest took this picture of his brother. It's SOOC, I didn't touch it whatsoever. i thought that was pretty neat!


Alicia said...

LOL at the "phlegmancy"!!

Love the picture, too!! Tell him he took an awesome shot!!!

Shasta said...

That is a really good picture, he's adorable!

Good luck on the "high phlegmancy" words!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Cute. Love the picture and the shadows are awesome too.

Robyn said...

Love that picture!

Good luck with the plegmancy!

Kristen said...

I was wondering about "phlegmancy" too. ;) I wasn't sure what you were talking about...thought I missed a class or two in HS English. Cute pic...I think you have a budding photographer on your hands.

J K L M N O P said...

Another photographer in the making!! Somehow these boys of ours would rather be busy tearing down, putting together, tearing out (on their motorbikes) than learning to read or reading for that matter!

Anonymous said...

I see he gets his photography talents from his mother!!!

I'm sure all that orneriness in the middle boy's eyes comes from Lineman!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Cute post. Love the picture!
A little confused on the words and the Phlegmancy meaning.. LOL.. JK

Red Thread said...

You tell your "middle boy", not to worry too much, at 34 I still can't pronounce some words. LOL

Looks like you have passed on some of your talent to you oldest...great picture!

Sharon said...

Your son took a great photo.
Good luck on the high Phlegmancy words. He'll soon get it.
God bless

Anonymous said...

HA!! Tell that middle one that I think he's a goof and full of beans-

Good photo pal!!


(Carrie---have you been talking to my wife??you both say the same thing! Thats it! I'm gonna have to cut you off!! LOL)

Michele said...

Wow... phlegmancy! LOL... it does sound like something my cat would hack up ... hehe =D

That's a terrific photo... it looks as if you have some competition running in the family, eh?!

Hugs to you all!♥
Mountain Retreat Photos

Carolee said...

I thought high phlegmancy words were like super-long, impossible to articulate medical terms that really mean things like mucus,poop,puke,boogers, and other undesirable bodily "things"!

Andrea said...

Cute, that is quite the big word for him. Very nice photo too, way to go big bro!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with 'saying it wrong' when you`re only five years old!! Thet`s what`s so endearing about little kids!! gramma who loves him