Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wonderful Weather

I just love Wyoming's peaceful, soothing weather. What with it's ever gentle breezes. Days where the wind is just a whisper across the prairies. The quietest of breezes that barely turn the tall grasses into a moving sea. Breezes that brush across your face in such a gentle way as to just alert you to it's ever quiet presence.

Someone wake me UP!
Yeah, our weather is absolutely NONE of those things. The wind blew all night and should continue through today and into Friday. That probably isn't going to do our garage any favors. The garage we built with our own bare hands. The siding is coming off at a pretty good rate. Somehow I don't see me putting it up by myself so unfortunately we will most likely have to hire someone to repair the damage.
When I went in to check on the boys this morning the middle boy was awake just laying there. He looked up and me with a pitiful look and said "Mom, why does the wind have to blow so hard?" I feel so bad for the kids, their side of the house catches the majority of the wind.
Back in my bedroom I can hear the wind being picked up on the baby monitor.
Well, just a day at a time. And although we may not have siding on the garage in a few more hours, at least the garage is not likely to blow away.... yet...
And until then, someone turn the wind off!!!!


Anonymous said...

When my alarm went off this morning I also heard the wind. I didn't want to get out of bed. Not a nice day.

Kristen said...

I wish we could have just a LITTLE of that wind down here!! Could you box some up for us??

The J's said...

We have plenty of wind here, but I remember how much worse I thought it was when we lived in WYO!

Sharon said...

The wind is blowing here really hard today along with snow and rain.
Our house is behind a grove of trees so I did not notice it to bad till I came from behind the tree line and then WOW hang on.
Yes, please turn it OFF.

Anonymous said...

Bummer on the garage, Just can't seem to get one thing done before the next thing breaks!

Could be worse though, I am thankful I even have a garage and above all-it can be fixed.


J K L M N O P said...

I'm sorry - and if I could I would turn the wind off!

Anonymous said...

The wind howled all night at our house too. It woke me up several times.
I think the funniest thing I've seen is yesterday. I walked outside and the wind was blowing hard (not like today but still really hard). Anyway, this guy is out there with a blower, blowing leaves! :) He had to blow them on by as they were already passing him! I have had several good laughs over this. I think the deal was...he must be paid to do this daily, weekly etc. so he was just doing his job. But it was still hilarious! Myrna

Anonymous said...

YES, it is WINDY! I have been telling Beth about our WY wind, and now she finally knows what I have been talking about! We went to Office Depot this afternoon, and after I could hardly get the car door open and I got out, the wind blew me against the car! And I am not a small person!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry about that... would it help you to know that our week of balmy 75 degree weather is coming to an end? Probably not. Hold onto your hats!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry about your house. You guys need a windmill. Might as well put it to good use.

Wrena said...

HHIIII! If I shout loud enough the wind will carry the real sound straight south to ya's!!! We are learning - - - - > yep our fifth wheel feals like a ship when we lay down to sleep at night.... o well rocked to sleep like a baby again. These are the days. O boy the book my kids could write about there experiences here.

Poor building!
by the way tell russ we were on his side too(nov 4)but some how that didn't even matter wink

Anonymous said...

We feel bad fr middle boy too but sorry the wind was there first {did you ever read the book Centennial} Life in Wyoming has always been a struggle against the elements all the way only the TOUGH can take it!!!Love makes it worth it CBINU