Saturday, November 8, 2008

Denied... and some other stuff

The wind has finally calmed. Not without leaving a mark before it left. All in all we had damage on the house and garage siding as well as the house, garage and shed roofs. Hey, but everything is standing, including us!

And because of the wind, I was denied. Denied a hot shower. Not once. Not twice. But THREE times I was denied a hot shower. That said I'm getting pretty good at lighting the pilot on the water heater.

It's been a pretty busy week again. I'm in the middle of going through two photoshoots which has been really fun.

I misplaced my phone this morning. We looked and looked and couldn't find it. I told the kids to go to the neighbors and have her call me so I could locate the phone. She wasn't home. I told them to ride their bikes up to our other neighbors. Nothing like a 1/2 mile bike ride for a kid in 38 degree weather. Please, no one report me! The kids did bring back peanut butter cookies. Maybe I should send them up there more often! *thanks for the yummy cookies*

We managed to get to Lowes just in time for a fun project today. Pictures coming tomorrow. Make it a great day.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand the Hot water thing!! We had that problem ALOT. Our solution...We put a taller stack on the Hot water heater vent. It has worked so far. Even with this last storm. Thank goodness for that since I seem to be home ALONE MORE now. Just wanted to give you that litte tidbit of info. Love your blogs

thedomesticfringe said...

No hot water in the morning makes for a grumpy me...oh, wait, I'm grumpy in the morning even with hot water. Glad the winds have died down, glad you have peanut-butter cookies, and glad you have hot water.

Carin said...

MTGurl, yeah, we added length onto the top of the pipe a few years ago. Unfortunately, that doesn't work when the wind blows from the right direction at 70 MPH. Our neighbors finally got an electric one..... might have to come to that.

Anonymous said...

Lighting the water heater builds character as does a cold shower.....Even gramma B. got a taste of the cold water thing.

I know it builds character because I am usually the one who has to find out the hard way about the cold shower!!!


The J's said...

oh I HATE losing my phone!! It's always at that time that no one calls!! I finally got a clip for mine so I try to wear it all the time, but sometimes it still gets laid down & then I have to go searching. I have to be careful, If I ask my kids if they have seen it, they'll reply--"have you checked the microwave"? ummm...I have a habit of forgetting my coffee cup in there....