Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad Mom of the Day Award

The phone rang at 6:18 this morning. It was the school district calling. They have an automated computer calling system that alerts parents in case of emergency. The message said that school was still in session but there would be no rural buses operating today.

I called Lineman at 6:48. I said there were no rural buses today. He said it was cool our oldest boy would get to stay home. I told him there was school, just no rural buses. Lineman told me to just keep the boy home.

I'm too stubborn though.

I called a neighbor to see if she was driving her daughter in. She was and offered to take our son with her.

She picked him up and called me when she made it to town so I knew they had arrived safely. Safely? We only had about two inches of snow so I didn't think it was really a safety issue. Apparently I was wrong. The roads into town were all icy and it took them nearly three times as long to get to school.

Bad Mom of the day award for sure.

It continues... Now the wind is blowing (yeah, go figure, the wind is blowing here). So what does the wind blowing mean? Well, let me tell you. It turns into a ground blizzard every time. So what does that mean? I am suppose to pick up the boy since there are no rural buses. Do I really want to drive in with a ground blizzard? There is a good chance he will have to stay in town and sleep over at a friends house.

Bad Mom of the day award for sure.

We could all be home together, baking cookies, playing games and having fun. All warm and safe inside our cozy home. But no, I am too stubborn.

Bad Mom of the day award for sure.


Cy said...

But you were raised in Southern California. You know what they say..."It never rains in California...". So remember, you have an excuse - you have no idea what weahter is so it's not your fault.

Be careful when you go get the number one punk.


Carin said...

Never mind the years that we only had two diesel pickups when we lived on the Canadian Border. We always had to keep one running on the fear that they wouldn't start in the winter. Oh, I know weather, trust me on this one!

Now, what I don't know is how to make a good decision, like keeping a kid home. Like driving in blizzards. Why can't I make a decision and go with it? Tell me that and you have me figured out. Maybe =)

Adventure girl wanna be said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't beat yourself up. You didn't know and your mommy radar wasn't working;)

Hopefully he can make it home if that is what he wants;)

Sharon said...

I know how you feel. I sent my boys to town to school and then had to try to figure out how to get them back home safely. We did not have any notice about schools until we heard it on the local radio.
Hope everyone is safe today.
Have a nice weekend

Cy said...

I remember a time when her mother and I let a 13 year old girl go, on her own, on a sky ride. We thought she was old enough... Never mind that the sky ride was at the World's Fair in Vancouver (a foreign country) over their Thanks giving weekend (the largest croud the fair had had during it's run), she's old enough.

Then, when it was too late to stop the little girl, her mom and I came to our senses. WHAT IN THE WORLD HAD THERE TWO STUPID PEOPLE JUST DONE?????

The 13 year old is married now with three of her own punks. Now she gets to make the call...

(BTW, she does a really great job at making those calls.)


Kristen said...

Yeah, I've had a day or two like that also.

I know you're feeling rotten about the whole deal, but I bet he's exctied to be staying at a friends house instead of being at home with Mom and Dad.

I tell you, I have NO IDEA what it must be like to live in super cold weather. And for that I'm thankful!! I didn't know you had to keep vehicles running so they would start. I simply would not make it as a "Northerner". But those of you up there probably wouldn't want to live in our humidity and heat down here in the summer. I want to be a "snow bird" I have to wait until I'm old to do that?? ;)

cheyest said...

We'd love to have him come and stay with us but guess what, we're in SD!

cheyest said...

We'd love to have him come and stay with us but guess what, we're in SD!

Anonymous said...

Carin, we do the best we can at the time. It always stinks, though, when we wish we would have made a different, better decision. Linda

Anonymous said...

Well, it happens. We all take our turns with these bad mom day awards...I had my turn last week when I made my son cry before school.

I'm sure he'll have fun sleeping over a friend's house tonight!

Anonymous said...

I always like my family together when the weather outside is frightful... I know it's more than mother guilt speaking here. Especially if Dad is away, too.

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me Lineman was right for once. I'm impressed! :)

We are in Fraser, CO right now. It is 34 degrees and feels so much warmer than at home. I'm walking around without a coat. Of course at home we usually have at least a 30 mph wind which makes it sssooooo cold.

Ground blizzards suck. The highway we take to get to town runs North and South so we have to pay close attention or we don't get home once we are in town.