Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News......

After dealing wth Bode's bad skin condition I took him into the doctor again yesterday. This time I asked to see a different doctor.... that did the trick! It looks like we are started on our journey to resolve this issue, or at least just get it under control. After talking to someone at Colter's gymnastics lesson on Tuesday we had fears that Bode could be suffering from ichthyosis. Not a good situation at all. However, after the doctor looked at it and we talked about what is going on he decided it is just very bad eczema. Actually, he had a name for it but I don't recall what it was. The doctor prescibed a steriod cream that we can apply for 5 days in a row no more than 10 days in a month. If the steriod cream doesn't work the way he is hoping it will we will be referred to a dermatologist so they can adjust the level of steroids.

Last night I applied the first application of steroids, and phew, this morning Bode looks a little better! His chest and stomach look greatly improved and there is some slight improvement on his face.

I still will not post any pictures of him. Perhaps when (yes, I am optimistic) he is doing better I will post before and after pictures.

Yeah, we are on the road to recovery!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bowling for my Birthday

Bridger and Colter thought it would be a grand idea if we went bowling for my birthday. What fun we had! Colter loves bowling more that I could ever have anticipated! He runs to the lane with a ball that is nearly a quarter of his own body weight. Let's put this in perspective....can you imagine bowling with a 35-50 pound bowling ball. That didn't slow him down one bit. He would launch that ball down the lane and watch with eager anticpation until the pins blew up as if they had been hit with dynamite! Ka-Pow! Well, almost like that. Bridger was was just beside himself when we agreed to go bowling! He must have asked us a hundred times if we could go bowling. He did a great job, had a blast and even ran into some friends from school.

Fun in Colorado Springs

We drove on down to Colorado Springs for Presidents Day weekend to visit Suzanne, Jason, Natalie and their new arrival Keagan. All of the kids had a blast getting to see each other again!
This was on our walk right by the Briggs' house. They were playing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes when I took this picture. It was a beautiful day out with the weather well near 50. With the little babies in the stroller and the older kids running in front it was a blast!

Stopping to catch their breath but more importantly......soak up the sun!

We drove to the Garden of the Gods to go for a walk. Yikes! Was it ever busy. We had a hard time finding a parking space and when we finally did there weren't any paved trails near the parking area we found. Of course that is what we all would have preferred if it were not for the fact that we only had our regular strollers. So, Suzanne took Natalie, Bridger and Colter for a short hike. They had fun but let's just say that Suzanne got a peek into her future with a son now in the family!!!! Hey, when nature calls.............. a boy's got to do what a boy's got to do.

I had never been into an REI so we stopped there to take a look around. What a neat place! Bridger and Natalie did a little rock climbing on the wall there. Way to go kids!

The two newest arrivals! Keagan was born on November 9th and Bode was born on November 29th. They both measure exactly the same at birth at 7lbs 13 oz! Colter and Natalie are also very close in age so this is a real neat experience to be sharing with Suzanne.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

PROJECT: Aveeno Baby

Poor little bode. Baby skin is suppose to be so soft and touchable. Not red, bumpy, itchy and irritating. His skin on his forehead has been very irritated for several weeks now. I have tried so many different things to try to alleviate the condition. I have tried Aquaphor, Eucerin, baby oil, I even changed his formula to a soy base. It is looking a little better now, actually, this photo of him looks REALLY good. Can you imagine how bad it is when it is at it's worst. I won't post any photos of that!

So, right now we are in Project: Aveeno Baby. I think it is working and hope it continues to get better. Here is to hoping Aveeno Baby does the trick

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flyin' In The Line

Russ called this morning to say that Sorenson Electric would be pulling in the hard line for a local powerline job. This is a big deal because they use a helicopter to pull in the line over I-25 and I-80. I had seen this done years ago when Russ was a lineman for S.E.. I remember watching as Russ climed a pole and helped the helicopter pilot guide the line into the traveler. It is thrilling to watch as the helicopter gets quite close the the pole and the lineman. So, we thought it would be fun to go watch the helicopter this morning. Kurt is the inspector for this job and I think it's ironic that both he and Russ worked for Sorenson and now they are both inspectors for WAPA. I must add something from Russ' post here it is word for word: What my wife left out of this commentary is how "fun" it is standing 90' in the air on two little sticks strapped to your feet, its 10 below zero and the helicopter is blowing cold air and snow down the back of your neck!!! Great Fun!!
Meeting before the pull.
Bringing the hard line to the first structure.
Linemen guiding the hard line into the travelers.
Finished with the pull. Can you believe he gets paid to do this job? Too fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hangin' With Dad

Bridger and Colter had so much fun riding on the backhoe with Russ. They may have sat with him all day if it weren't for the weather. Pictures sure can be looks nice but the wind was so awful it was tough to stay out very long. In the picture they are getting ready to move the two sheds so we can put up an attached garage. More time with dad.. They were doing handstands and pushups. You know, you can't wear a shirt for those things I am told!

Friday, February 1, 2008

A Look Back

Since I started this blog after Bode was born, I thought I would include some of my favorite newborn pictures. This was right after I was wheeled out of surgery.

I love how Russ is looking at Bode. It just doesn't matter how tough a man is, a child always brings out the tender side.
A little love for my newest son.

Colter truly enjoys being a big brother now.