Monday, April 26, 2010

Moto Krazy Kids

I took the boys out to a close by riding spot this weekend. Moto Bridger 2

Our oldest son has moved up to a bigger bike, it was great practice for him.

Moto Bridger 3 

But for me….  I think I needed medication to keep my heart rate down!

Moto Bridger 

He is getting the hang of using a clutch.  Why do these kids have to grow so fast?  I have to go on-line now to find him a new pair of boots since he is out growing EVERYTHING.

Moto Colter 

And this kid, our middle son.   Sheesh, what is he trying to do?  Is he trying to give me a heart attack or what? He just laughs at me and says “Moooommmmm, I’ve been doing it forever”  and then he laughs and drives off.

Motocross boys 2

And then he stops by and chats with his buddy that went riding with us. “Dude, did you see that?!  I jumped like this high!” 


Ben, Heather and kids said...

what an awesome mommy! my heart rate goes up when i look at those pics.. boys and their toys.. :)

J K L M N O P said...

How fun!!

carrielt said...

I love these pictures! Too much fun you guys are having up there.

Sharon said...

I remember the heart attacks too, when my sons started riding the motos.
They are growing up fast.
Thanks for the photos, they are great.

Cy said...


Darcie said...

Love it!

I think it just is that old age creeping up on us Carin. Everything that was a blast when we were young-ins, now speeds up our heart rates in a bad way. What you feel with your boys on motorbikes...I feel with them on normal bikes. Go figure. ;-)

Dena E's Blog said...

Just love the idea of the Shoott me thing... I added the widget thingy to my blog aleady.. Guess I should have asked before I did it
;0) Hope its alright, check mine out to see 1st hand, OK
Your 2 love birds have some awesome looking boys.. God's blessings each one..
Hugs Dena in Iowa

He & Me + 3 said...

Get out. Those are awesome pictures and so cool. But my heart would have been in heart attack mode too. Love the bikes.

Anonymous said...

BWAHAAHAA!! That was an awesome jump for Colt the Bolt!! ......

Now, just let me wheel my walker over to my motorcycle!! jeepers they make me feel old!!


Kim said...

You are one BRAVE woman! I love the pictures and I am sure they had a ton of fun but I agree with Heather, my heart rate when up just looking at the pics :).

ourtinydot said...

G-a-a-a... I would be right there with you on the heart medicine. Sometimes it's best for me to just not watch. Everyone is happier. God knew what he was doing when he gave all the boys to you!! :)

Alicia said...

Seriously, Carin. Your boys are just STUDS!

MareBear said...

Now that is some kinda air time!